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Our Values

Actively caring for people. Safety is the first consideration in our work; all employees have the right to stop the job. Alternative sources of power to support resiliency must be created for every community we serve Green energy generation sources will be the expectation as soon as practical. Security of the people & assets we serve is the most coveted tenant of our business. We run our business in the most efficient way that respects every dollar spent

Our Vision

To help create the safest, most resilient, greenest & secure grid in the world.

Customer Creed

The customer is the most important aspect of our business; without the customer we don’t exist.

A Little About Fred

Most of my 42 years of working in the corporate world have been devoted to the electric and gas utility industry. This has been a rewarding experience earning consistent escalations in growth and responsibility to where I just completed my work as a Chief Operating Officer. These opportunities have occurred with leading investors, and municipally run utilities both domestically and internationally. I have worked directly in 30 countries around the world and have a deep respect for diverse cultures.


Mr. Robert DeKoch

Mr. Robert DeKoch

President, Limitless, A Leadership Consultancy

“I’ve known and worked with Fred for a number of years, meeting him first as a senior safety and risk management executive and then as a senior operations executive in the power and energy sector. He is a thoughtful and strategic leader and is an expert at connecting business direction with what it takes to get things done through people. He believes that successful companies are rooted in caring for people and respect for cultural differences. His leadership style draws people together to focus on a common mission.”

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